Why Massage?​
Types of Massage
Best For
Relaxation Massage
 Intro To Massage, Stress Relief, Relaxation, Releasing Tense Muscles​​
Feel your stress melt away as you enjoy this calming and restorative massage.  This massage is wonderful for reducing muscle tension, increasing circulation and providing stress relief. This calming massage uses various techniques of light to medium pressure to promote harmony and balance within the body.​​
Deep Tissue Massage​​
Specific Areas Of Pain, Inflammation And Tension​​
The Deep Tissue Massage is great for postural problems, limited range of motion, chronic pain and injury conditions. The Deep Tissue Massage aims at revitalizing tense muscles, increasing circulation and enhancing muscle function and repair. This massage uses deep, intentional strokes and concentrates on overly stressed, tight, and problematic areas, breaking down tension, stress, and aiding in recovery. Included in your service is your choice of arnica or magnesium oil. The Deep Tissue massage is excellent in combination with cannabis cream for a "true" deep tissue with pain & inflammation relief massage.  
*** Add on Cannabis Cream for $8 ***

The Hot Stone massage is a deep and powerful form of massage that relaxes and reduces tension while improving posture and circulation. The Hot Stone Massage incorporates the use of heated stones throughout the massage to relax the body and mind while releasing muscle tension and pain. The hot stones soothe through the use of warmth which helps to release knotted and tense muscles which in turn leaves you feeling refreshed, relaxed and energized.

Hot Stone Massage
Deep Relaxation, Overall Wellness And Chronic Tension
The Expectant Mother is tailored towards the needs of the expectant mother and her changing body. The focus of this massage is to bring balance, stillness and harmony. During the massage special cushions are used to help minimize stress, promote relaxation and to reduce back pain and leg cramps. The massage is offered to expectant mothers who are in their second and third trimester only.​​
Expectant Mother Massage
Pregnancy Discomforts, Tension, Stress Relief
This treatment is based on the Thai reflexology system. It aims at balancing the body and mind by applying pressure to specific points on the feet to encourage the body and mind to balance as well as assist the body’s natural healing in activating. The gentle and repeated massage of these pressure points stimulates and detoxifies the internal organs and improves circulation in the problem areas. The treatment begins with a footbath and is done with the fingers, hands and warm oil. It involves both the sides and soles of the feet as well as the energy lines (Sen) of the lower leg.​​​
Balancing Energies, Detoxification, Deep Relaxation, Pain Relief, Immunity, Stimulating The Digestive System
The Doshas Cannabis Massage is excellent for those suffering from chronic pain, stress and anxiety disorders. The cannabis cream used includes hemp extracts (CBD) that are infused with CBD, as well as camphor, menthol, eucalyptus, tea tree, clove and peppermint. As a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory, this creme is the perfect tool for utilizing the natural anti-inflammatory healing properties of the cannabis plant. This treatment is non-psychoactive as the THC does not enter the bloodstream.  
Patrons of any CBD massage therapy must be 21 years of age or older

Doshas "Cannabis" Massage
Anxiety And Stress, Pain Relief, Inflammation
Come indulge your senses and body in a luxurious combination of massage, aromatherapy and heat. This massage is customized using specific oils, massage strokes, heat treatments and stretching to your specific needs and wants.  You will get to choose from a variety of different incorporated treatments such as foot reflexology, hot stones, cannabis cream, LED light therapy, head and shoulder ritual, cupping, bamboo or essential oils. This massage is complete with an extended head and shoulder ritual in addition to a nourishing hand and foot treatment which is sure to leave you feeling supple and rejuvenated. This is the “Ultimate Wellness Sampler” - perfect for experiencing a little of everything Doshas has to offer……​​
​​Doshas Bliss Massage

Stress, Anxiety, Pain And Tension Felief, Deep Relaxation, Detoxification, Overall Wellness​​
Come indulge your senses and body in a luxurious combination of massage, aromatherapy and heat. This massage is a "mini" version of the Doshas Bliss Massage.  This massage is customized with your choice of essential oils and up to two specialties based upon your specific needs and wants.  You will get to choose from your choice of 2 different incorporated treatments such as foot reflexology, cannabis cream, head and shoulder ritual, hot/cold treatments, stretching, hot stones and bamboo. This massage is complete with a nourishing hand and foot treatment which is sure to leave you feeling supple and rejuvenated. This is the “Mini Wellness Sampler” - perfect for experiencing what Doshas has to offer……
Mini Doshas Bliss Massage​​
Stress, Anxiety, Pain And Tension Relief, Deep Relaxation, Detoxification, Overall Wellness​​
The Bamboo Massage is a deep tissue focused treatment which incorporates the use of warm bamboo stalks to relax and ease muscle tension.  The sticks are rolled and pressed onto the body and energy points within the body.  The sensation of the bamboo as it glides across the skin has been described as liquid honey gently melting into the muscles. The bamboo is an extension of the therapist hands using unique movements to promote improved circulation, stress reduction, lymphatic drainage and provide a sense of overall wellness.
Bamboo Massage​
Muscle Tension, Stress, Detoxification, Improving Circulation​​
The Stick and Stone massage is a fusion of both The Hot Stone and The Bamboo Massages. This treatment is perfect for those who enjoy deep tissue work. Through the use of flowing movements using warm stones and bamboo sticks The Stick and Stone supports detoxification of the tissues, releases tension and dissolves knots in the muscles.  The combination of sticks and stones in the treatment provide complete bliss and revitalization of the mind.
Stick and Stone Massage
Deep Relaxation, Reducing Stress And Tension, Improving Circulation
The Raindrop “Feather” Therapy treatment is wonderful for relaxation, detoxification,  boosting the immune system and helping to bring the body into structural and electrical alignment. This treatment incorporates the use of organic essential oils and feathers with light and rhythmic massage strokes. The essential oils are dispensed “like drops of rain” from approximately six-seven inches above the back.  Particular oils are gently massaged utilizing ancient Native American massage and Tibetan reflexology techniques along the spinal muscles, neck and feet.  The effects are deepened by the application of a warm compress along the spine.
Raindrop “Feather” Therapy​
Boosting the Immune System, Relaxation, Alignment Issues, Detoxification
This treatment is a deep tissue massage using “Cupping Therapy” on targeted areas of the body.  Cupping Therapy has been used extensively in Chinese medicine for several thousand years. By creating suction the cups are used to stretch muscles and connective tissue, loosen adhesions and promote the drainage of excess fluids. When the cups are left on the skin for a few minutes blood stasis is formed and localized healing takes place. Used in combination with traditional massage techniques it is a beneficial modality for athletes or anyone who enjoys deep pressure and desires less discomfort.
Cupping Therapy
Boosting the Immune System, Alignment, Detoxification, Overall Wellness
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